Last step of SSRI deferral!!

I finished the last step of my SSRI deferral!

I went through the HIMS process, passed the neurocog screen, had glowing psych evals, and no diagnostic recommendations on the MMPI. I’m about as stable as can be. Everyone I’ve talked through within that process as said they don’t see any reason why I should be denied. in addition, my friends the local aviation community have said that if the FAA denies my medical, it’s going to be a shock.

heres the kicker.

the psychiatrist I saw today and the guy who did the neuro cog screen said they have to notify the FAA of one of the causes of my depression and anxiety: a malpracticing psychiatrist who recklessly misdiagnosed my with autism and ADHD, and put me on a heavy hitting cocktail of drugs when I was 13 (I’m 38 now). The neurocog guy said that the FAA might want those records. Those Records have been destroyed as they are 20 years old. They aren’t getting those records. My concern is that they’re going to consider them valid even though none of the diagnoses hold and the psychiatrist I saw today said that She’s going to include that there is no diagnosis that ever warranted those prescriptions.

My fiancé (my flight instructor🥰) said that theres no reason I should be denied when all the specialists have spoken favorably of my current status and ability to fly. I’m still worried.

Who has some encouragement or recourse options? my friend who Owns a flight school said that it’s possible to get the malpracticing doctors stuff scrubbed from my medical file. Anyone know anything about that?


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@Emma Carnine-Irwin

Anyone know anything about that?

Yes – Dr. Bruce Chien, who hangs out here from time to time.  His practice is difficult aeromedical certifications.  You can contact him via his website


@Emma Carnine-Irwin
Hang in there. I'm going through a related situation (the SSRIs were discontinued now more than a year ago). The FAA medical folks are backed up. Don't give up. I'm still waiting (nearly a year now), but your case seems a bit more straight-forward than mine.

To quote the motto of the Great State of South Carolina, “dum spiro, spero” “While I breathe, I hope.”