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I am president of a 35 member flying club with 3 pipers. All PA-28. With the CFI market getting smaller and smaller we are starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel for CFIs in Dubuque, IA. An unofficial requirement is that all CFIs carry CFI insurance since they are not covered under our AVEMCO club policy regardless if they are a member of the club or not. We are getting a lot of push back from the CFI community because they are mostly recent college graduates and it will take a lot of hour instructing to cover their $500 insurance policy and their main goal is to just build hours ASAP and get into an airliner.

What are your thoughts on the insurance requirement? My opinion is the insurance does nothing to protect the club. If the plane gets damaged or pilot gets hurt it is still a club plane and a club pilot with a club insurance policy. The argument being brought up against this is if the instructing CFI had insurance the damages might fall under their policy and then our premiums wouldn't increase after the fact.
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I would check either with your Avemco policy techs, or maybe AOPA's broker/partner (Assured Partners 800-622-2672) to see about getting instructors covered under/inside 'a' club policy. Instructors should simply not take the risk themselves, the club should not reasonability expect that, these days. You didn't mention: is yours either an equity club or a rental club??
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The real question is whether you can survive without those CFI's and how much you're willing to pay to have them available.  Have you discussed this with your insurers?  How much would it cost the club to include the instructors?  Can the club afford it?  Can the club afford NOT to do it?  How many instructors are involved?  If it is, say, three, then you're talking $1500 divided by 35 members, which is less than $5 per month per member -- perhaps a reasonable cost if you're doing a significant amount of training.
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I fly at an FBO and my instructor teaches there because they pay for his insurance.