Insurance Over 75
My insurance agent told me that most of their companies are dropping coverage for pilots 75 and older and that only two companies bid on a policy. I have no accidents or incidents and fly a modern fixed gear aircraft with one of the industry's best safety ratings. The rate has doubled. It would be nice to find a lower rate but I am even more concerned about getting dropped next year or the year after that even though I have no medical issues.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Robert Tucker,

I am 79 and have cheaper insurance than most younger pilots.  I am a high time pilot and have a 2nd Class Med.
Try my agent, Ed Davis, 805 375- 3327. 

Ray Winslow
Thank you Don. I'll give him a call.
One option - which I have done for many years now, is to only carry liability. I have been flying for 42 years now and watched the premiums climb every year. It's out of hand for sure and there is no way around it that I can see.
I have owned an airplane for every year of my flying except for 2 years. Everything from Pitts, T-6, T-34, Bonanza, Barons, Yak 52/55 and now a Lancair Legacy. No hull on any of them for the last 30 years. Figured the money is better spent on perfect maintenance and always in a hangar. At best I fly 50 - 100 hours a year and the insurance rates just don't make any sense anymore. The plane sits in the hangar literally 99% of the available hours in a year. Granted - fully owned, no mortgage and if we live through totaling the plane, the financial loss won't change my financial plans in the long term.
I have a very good friend test pilot, ex military and 78 years old. We had this conversation just two days ago - and he came to the same conclusion.....
I'm a 78 year old private pilot and own and fly an experimental LSA (single engine, fixed gear) under BasicMed and am insured by AIG Aerospace. My broker is Gregg Ellsworth at Aviation Insurance Resources in Frederick, MD. Phone: 877-247-7767, email: Premiums are competitive and haven't changed appreciably over the past several years. In 56 years I've never had any accidents, incidents or pilot deviations.
Robert, I too am over 75 (I'm 77, flying 44 years, on basic med, 4000+ hours, CFI, and have owned a Cherokee 180 for more than 40 years). My insurance really went up this year, by about $200, but no problems with insurance company. My broker is Christine at Susfolk Insurance (800) 437-5263 or (818) 989-1112 or
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I too am an oldster (76 years old) and have been flying for over 40 years and own a 76 Archer.  I have kept my same insurance (for many years) with full coverage acquired through AOPA..  Switching is something that should be avoided at our age if possible.  But give them a call and should probably be able to help you.