Private Pilot night VFR Pax Restriction?
I am doing my BFR after a long period out of the cockpit. CFI stated there was a FAR that a Private pilot flying night VFR to another airport over 50NM away cannot carry passengers without an instrument rating in category (in addition to the night landing currency requirement). Could not find that reference. Thanks.
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Thank you for the reply. I was aware of the SVFR condition and mentioned it but CFI was clear about the VFR/Night/50NM conditions. More likely explanation is your observation on the FOR HIRE condition for commercial pilots. BTW, I agree and share your reservations about night X-country. I hold a commercial Instrument rating in rotary in addition to private SEL and agree it is very helpful borderline essential to have some IFR proficiency. CFI may have gotten my ratings crossed as my BFR is over several days (to shake all the rust loose). Will circle back with CFI next flight.  Thanks again.
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The reason you cannot find that restriction in the regulation is that it is not there.  Perhaps that instructor is thinking about Special VFR at night, which does require that the pilot and aircraft be IFR qualified, whether passengers are involved or not.  See 14 CFR 91.157(b)(4).  Another regulation with that sort of restriction is 61.133(b)(1), which says Commercial Pilots without an IR are not allowed to carry passengers for hire in on cross-country flights in excess of 50 nautical miles or at night.  I suggest you go back to that CFI and ask them to show you the regulation they think says that.

That said, I have my own personal reservations about night cross-country operations without instrument proficiency (whether you have the rating or not), even VFR, but that's just my own recommendation for safety, not a regulation.