Donate Tailwheel Endorsement
I am a member of a local WAI chapter with 501(c)3 status and am looking at fundraising opportunities. I have a friend who owns a tailwheel and want to ask him if he would be willing to donate his time and aircraft hours so we can sell raffle tickets for a tailwheel endorsement. Before asking him, I want to know if it is legal or if there would be any stipulations. Would the better alternative be to pay him our of the funds raised?

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If it's legitimate ("bona fide") training, i.e., your friend is an appropriately rated CFI and the person who gets it is a real pilot and it's real training appropriately documented in the pilot's logbook, not a joy ride for a non-pilot, there's no problem for him to donate his time and the use of his airplane at his expense.  Otherwise, you need to comply with 14 CFR 91.146 "Passenger-carrying flights for the benefit of a charitable, nonprofit, or community event."