Using the SFAR to extend your flight review? Make sure you qualify before you do.
The Pilot Information Center received several calls this week (and many more over the previous months) from pilots who wanted to know about the SFAR and the flight review extension. Many didn't know about all the hoops that must be jumped through by pilots exercising private pilot privileges and most didn't qualify to take advantage of the extension. The purpose of this post to get this topic out to as many pilots as we can to help you make informed decisions about whether you're legal to fly.

Here's a link to AOPA's article covering the SFAR; URGENT: READ THIS BEFORE FLYING!. Links to all the flow charts can be found on the right side of this article as well.

The process of determining if you can take advantage of the flight review extension is difficult, so AOPA put together a flowchart that walks you through it. You can find that flowchart here.

You start with page 1 of the flowchart document and determine whether or not you qualify by working through the chart. If you do qualify, then you can move on to page 2 of the document and verify that you meet the rest of the requirements. Most pilots only hear about the requirements on page 2 (wings credit,10 hours, etc.) and have no idea about initial requirements needed to get to that point.

Its also important to know that this qualification process needs to be repeated for every flight. You can't utilize the extension for flying for fun or to exercise your aircraft, every flight must fall under the stipulations/requirements of the extension.

If you have any questions on this topic please reply below, email us at , or give us a call at 1-800-USA-AOPA.

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Just to bump this back up to the top of pile, SFAR 118-2 was released on October 1st, extending potential relief to more pilots. AOPA's article (linked in the original post) has been updated to reflect this extension, as have the flow charts contained within it (and it will be if there are any further extensions).