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AD 2020-26-16 Wing Spar
I have owned my 1968 Piper Arrow since 1999.  My Arrow was a trainer from 1968 until 1971.  From 1971 to 1999 the Arrow had two owners and was not used as a trainer.  I have completed the calculation required by the subject AD and determined that I will not be required to complete the eddy current inspection.
My question is what is the appropriate log book entry to show this determination?  
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The findings of the logbook review must be recorded in a maintenance record entry for the aircraft in accordance with FAR 43.9, meaning that the entry must contain the date of the logbook review, the findings of the review, the signature of the person who performed the review, and that person’s pilot or mechanic certificate and type.
Assuming complete maintenance logs and original wings installed, the only criteria for eddy current inspection is the 5,000 factored service hours.
The logbook entry to be made, on or after 2/16/2021, should read substantively:
Eddy current inspection not required by AD 2020-26-16 due to xx factored service hours; fewer than the 5,000 hour requirement. Date the endorsement, sign your name, and enter your pilot certificate grade and number.