Club Insurance waiver question/advice
Hello - I am part of a flying club that has a Saratoga. The current insurance requirement states members must have 250 hours minimum before getting checked out to fly solo in the Toga. I have 170 total hours with an instrument rating and both a complex and high performance endorsement. The club said they would support me in asking for a waiver from the insurance company to get checked out in the Toga. Just posting here to ask what advice others might have in tackling this process? Do I write something up and have my CFI sign it? Do I ask to call their broker and discuss? I would be willing to get additional renters insurance if that is necessary...just want to know how to approach. Thanks all. 
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It's the insurer's requirement and the club's insurance policy.  The club should ask the insurer, through their broker if they're using one.
thanks, will see how it goes.