Temporary Aircraft Registration Expired? Better Check.....

The FAA Aircraft Registry is currently processing paperwork received on November 17th, which is 113 days ago. That means that if you purchased an aircraft in the past several months chances are that your temporary registration (AC 8050-1) in the aircraft is expired (only valid for 90-days).


Your aircraft is considered un-airworthy without a current registration, and chances are your insurance requires you to have a current registration in order to be covered under your policy. 

How do I fix this?

The FAA has developed a procedure for requesting a letter of extension, located on this page.


Just follow the instructions on the main aircraft registry page to get that letter of extension emailed or faxed to you. The page where you can send this request can be found here. We're seeing the extension letters being turned around in a week in most cases. 

Unfortunately this extension process only applies to those who recently purchased or transferred an aircraft, not those with expired registrations trying to renew. Just trying to get the word out since most owners don't check the date on their temporary registrations and assume that the FAA will get the new registration to them in time.