What are the different definitions of 'night' flight?
Answered By AOPA
You decide to take a few friends up in your aircraft for a sunset flight, but you haven’t done any night landings for 6 months. Sunset is at 1830 local time and the end of evening civil twilight is 1900. Can you do this flight, and if you can, when should your flight be on the ground?
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AOPA Staff Answer
Yes, you certainly can do this flight, but special consideration should be given to the time since you’re not night PIC current for passenger carrying flights. Your flight would need to be on the ground no later than 1930 local time, one hour after sunset (FAR 61.57(b)). Here’s a good AOPA article on the different definitions of night; http://www.aopa.org/News-and-Video/All-News/2005/October/11/Night-flying-Sort-through-the-different-definitions-of-night .