Do I need a new 1st Class medical to pursue a career as a flight instructor?
Answered By AOPA
You’ve decided that it might be fun on the weekends to start giving flight instruction. You’ll make some money and be able to pass on knowledge to a new generation of pilots. You’ve already got a private instrument license and about 300 hours from over the years, including a couple training for your commercial rating. You currently have a 1st class medical, with 3rd class privileges. Would you be required to obtain a new 1st or 2nd class medical to pursue further ratings and second career as a flight instructor?
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AOPA Staff Answer
Absolutely not. The FARs only require you to hold a medical with 3rd class privileges to act as PIC for your commercial and CFI practical tests. For acting in the capacity of a flight instructor and PIC you would only need to have a medical with 3rd class privileges as well. You wouldn’t even need to hold a medical certificate while flight instructing if you weren’t acting as PIC or a required crewmember. FAR 61.23 explains which level of privileges are required for what activities in detail.
And just to add a postscript, flight instructors have full privileges to teach and receive pay while operating under basic med.