Can rotorcraft training be used as part of the WINGS program?
Answered By AOPA
You’re a commercial airplane single-engine land rated pilot and you are working towards earning a rotorcraft private pilot certificate. You’re coming up on the expiration of your last flight review and you want to give the FAA WINGS program a try. Can you fulfill your flight review requirement by utilizing your rotorcraft training to complete a phase of the WINGS program?
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AOPA Staff Answer
Unfortunately, no you can’t. Since you are training for your initial rotorcraft rating and not currently rated that category and class, you cannot use any of the training towards a WINGS phase to count for your flight review. Although FAR 61.56 is the regulation governing flight reviews, it is not clear enough to answer this question. The regulation basically just states that completion of a phase of a FAA-sponsored pilot proficiency award program can be used in lieu of a flight review. For further guidance we need to go to the WINGS Program Advisory Circular, AC 61-91J. In section 5(c)(3) it states “Pilots may demonstrate all proficiency requirements for any phase of the WINGS Program in the same category and class, or may demonstrate those skills in any category and class for which they are rated.” This confirms that in order to complete a WINGS phase you would be required to already be rated in the category and class used. The good news is that when you do get your rotorcraft rating that will count as a flight review.