With Commercial Glider rating, what is required to add ASEL Private privileges or Commercial ASEL?
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As a Commercial Glider pilot with Glider CFI : what is required to add ASEL Private Privileges or Commercial ASEL? Thanks 
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Hi Charles !
FAR 61.63 (b) … add a category... : training, endorsement, and then practical. A written WOULD ALSO be required if you don't hold one of the other category ratings in 61.63 (b)(4) . You could add the ASEL at either the private or the commercial level.

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With only a Glider rating, Charles will have to take the Private/Commercial (as applicable) Airplane written.  See 61.63(b)(4):
"Need not take an additional knowledge test, provided the applicant holds an airplane, rotorcraft, powered-lift, weight-shift-control aircraft, powered parachute, or airship rating at that pilot certificate level."
Note that Glider category isn't in the exempt list.