Instrument Currency with ATD
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When logging instrument currency events with a combination of aircraft and an ATD is the requirement to log the approaches to a total of 6 in the preceding 6 months in either the aircraft or the ATD?  So for example, with 5 approaches logged in an aircraft in actual weather will one approach in an ATD complete the requirement?  (assuming all other requirements are met?
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AOPA Staff Answer
Short answer, Yes. The regulation allows for you to use a combination of experience (see highlighted), FAR 61.57:

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Historical note...

Until recently, there were different rules for currency depending on whether you used an aircraft, a full flight simulator/FTD, an ATD, or a combination thereof.  This was very confusing and created a lot of questions in the instrument flying community.  A year or two ago, the FAA dumped all that and made one standard currency requirement (6 approaches plus holding and interception/tracking) which you can do in any combination of airplane/approved simulator.  Lots easier this way.  And at the same time, they eliminated the requirement for the presence of an instructor when using a sim -- just like you didn't need an instructor to be with you in the plane to log instrument time and events.  They also a that time dropped the truly bizarre requirement to us a vision restricting device while logging instrument time on a sim (although I will say they never required a safety pilot while wearing a vision restricting device in the sim).