Landing Currency
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Regarding § 61.57, a if two PPLs are flying together and one has not completed three landings within 90 days, is there anything that precludes him from performing those landings while the other pilot acts as PIC?

My understanding was that once you're out of currency, you have to do your three landings either solo or with a CFI, but I'm not seeing anything in there that would preclude a current pilot from acting as PIC, carrying a non-current pilot passenger, and letting that non-current pilot passenger manipulate the controls to regain his/her landing currency.
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You are correct that there is no regulation prohibiting what you describe.  But if the non-current pilot isn't proficient, it might be better to go up with a CFI who is trained and certified to e able to evaluate the pilot's performance and knows when and how to step in if things start to go sour.  There have been accidents (some fatal) involving a non-proficient pilot flying from the left seat and a non-instructor acting as PIC in the right seat where things got out of hand and the non-instructor PIC wasn't able to do enough fast enough to prevent an accident.