Virtual Checkrides - ORAL
Hi has anyone considered the possibility of being able to continue checkrides , the oral part of course. To continue to take place during this time at least we can make the most of the downtime
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The biggest problem is that there is no mechanism currently in effect to allow the IACRA process and document examination necessary to begin the practical test to be conducted other than with the examiner and applicant in the same room.  But even if that were solved...

FAA Orders 8900.1 for Inspectors and 8900.2 for DPE's both prohibit beginning a practical test (other than initial CFI, which often spills over into the next day due to the amount of material covered) without reasonable expectation of completing the entire test in one day:
"The intent of the designee must be to complete the entire practical test in one day. Designees must not schedule the test to be planned as a multiple-day event. Extenuating circumstances may allow for deviations, but must be approved by the managing FAA office."

Whether the COVID-19 pandemic constitutes a sufficiently extenuating circumstance to do what you suggest is an issue the FAA has not yet addressed, but I suppose one could raise the question with one's DPE who could then make that request to the FSDO.

Of course, right now, you really can't be sure when you could complete the test, and the regulatory (and unwaiverable) 2-calendar-month completion clock starts when the oral starts, so this might not be such a great idea -- especially this late in the month.  Start tomorrow, and you have only 66 days until June 30 to finish.  Start on May 1, and you have 91 days until July 31 to finish.