Endorsements on a Foreign Licence
I am an ASEL, resident in the US, with a US PPL issued on the basis of my current Australian PPL/Medical as well as both current US and Australia Flight Reviews. I do not have a tailwheel endorsement attached to my Australian Licence. In order to fly tailwheel in the US, would I have to return to Australia to acquire the training and endorsement on my Australian Licence or can I do it here in the US and legally fly a tailwheel aircraft?

Advice appreciated.
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The FAA tailwheel endorsement is an endorsement in your logbook, not a rating on your pilot certificate.  You need only get someone with an FAA CFI-Airplane certificate who meets the requirements of 61.31(i) (either by endorsement or grandfathering) to give you the necessary training in a tailwheel airplane and make that endorsement in your pilot logbook. A Google search on "tailwheel training near me" should easily find you a flight training operation which does tailwheel training and can make that endorsement.
Many thanks for the clarification, Ronald.  Your response is much appreciated.

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