Endorsements on a Foreign Licence
I am an ASEL, resident in the US, with a US PPL issued on the basis of my current Australian PPL/Medical as well as both current US and Australia Flight Reviews. I do not have a tailwheel endorsement attached to my Australian Licence. In order to fly tailwheel in the US, would I have to return to Australia to acquire the training and endorsement on my Australian Licence or can I do it here in the US and legally fly a tailwheel aircraft?

Advice appreciated.
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The FAA tailwheel endorsement is an endorsement in your logbook, not a rating on your pilot certificate.  You need only get someone with an FAA CFI-Airplane certificate who meets the requirements of 61.31(i) (either by endorsement or grandfathering) to give you the necessary training in a tailwheel airplane and make that endorsement in your pilot logbook. A Google search on "tailwheel training near me" should easily find you a flight training operation which does tailwheel training and can make that endorsement.
Many thanks for the clarification, Ronald.  Your response is much appreciated.

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Probably too late to be of any use to the original poster, but may be of some use to someone searching. If you're looking for any type of instruction I would recommend going to Instructair.com . It's an instructor search tool that allows you to search for and post requests for instructors. It allows you to narrow the search right down to the type of instruction you need (Flight review, tailwheel, skis, aerobatic, etc.). Only tool I've seen that allows getting this fine with your search. Hope it helps someone.