Otaining ADS-B Deviation Authorization
Answered By AOPA
I haven’t equipped my aircraft with ADS-B yet. I’m planning to do this soon, but the shop I want to use is located at the local Class C airport. I know I need ADS-B out to enter Class C airspace (since the 1st of the year). What’s my best option to make this happen?
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AOPA Staff Answer
You’ll need to use the FAA’s ADS-B ADAPT https://www.faa.gov/nextgen/equipadsb/adapt/ program to make a request to do your flight. ADAPT stands for “ADS-B Deviation Authorization Preflight Tool”. You can make your request no more than 24 hours out and no less than 1 hour before. AOPA has put together a ADAPT fact sheet https://www.aopa.org/advocacy/ads-b-adapt that may be helpful as well.