Logging PIC during a practical test
Answered By AOPA
I’ve always heard that you can log PIC when you take (and pass) a practical test. I’m not seeing where the regulations support this for a student pilot taking their Private Pilot practical test. Where’s the proof?
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AOPA Staff Answer
For the answer we need to go to the FAA Letters of Interpretation, specifically Murphy 2009 https://www.faa.gov/about/office_org/headquarters_offices/agc/practice_areas/regulations/interpretations/data/interps/2009/murphy%20-%20(2009)%20legal%20interpretation.pdf . The letter explains that there is an exemption that allows a student pilot to act as PIC on their checkride, therefore they can log PIC as well. This is because the applicant possesses the appropriate experience prior to the practical test for that certificate or rating, and therefore is qualified to act as PIC during the test.
Thanks Ron, its fixed now. Good looking out.