LSA and Towered airports
I'm licensed and rated as PVT, MEL, Instrument.  My 3rd class license has expired.  I'm flying a qualified LSA  (vintage, no-electrical).
There are endorsements in my logbook going back to initial flight training for flight into towered airports, and, obviously, my PVT license allowed those flights.  Do I need an additional, specific endorsement from a CFI to fly into a class B, C, D airport under Sport Pilot?  I do qualify for Sport Pilot privileges under the rules, but haven't been able to find anything that addresses this issue of airspace.
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Those restrictions only apply to the holder of a Sport Pilot certificate, not to someone who holds a Private Pilot certificate.  It's in the plain language of the regulations involved.  See the portions of the table in 61.303(a) pertaining to the holder of a PP or "at least a Recreational Pilot certificate" (which includes someone with PP) with the appropriate category/class rating not having to hold any of the endorsements required by Subpart J or the limitations in 61.315.