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On a trip, certificate stolen, now what?
We had this exact question come through the PIC this morning. Pilot was on a trip, certificate was stolen (along with other things), how can he legally fly home?

This pilot is flying under BasicMed, so no medical to carry/replace and his Driver's license wasn't stolen. The good news is that you're not stuck, you'll just need to get on the computer and have access to a printer.

You'll need to access the FAA's Airmen On-Line Services webpage and sign up (if you don't already have an account). On this site you can do many things (replace a lost or stolen certificate, update your address, etc.), but most importantly for this pilot you can request "Temporary Authority to Exercise Certificate Privileges". This is a 60 day temporary certificate that can be emailed to you within minutes, printed out, and can be flown on. All this without having to contact the FAA on the phone or do anything else.

I recommend anyone who has made it this far in this post to go ahead and register with this site so you have it if you need it in the future. The reasoning behind this is that you need to know your certificate number to sign up and you need your driver's license number as well. If you don't have access to or know those in the future, when you need the services, then you're out of luck if you're just signing up then.

Hope nobody else needs to use this in the future for this reason, but at least you have the information.
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I'll bet that if you don't have immediate access to a printer, any FAA Inspector who happens to check will be satisfied if you just bring up the .pdf file of that paper on your phone or tablet -- at least that day, until you can get to a printer.  Inspectors can check on-the-spot via their own resources to confirm the legitimacy of that letter.
Use caution before you go down this road. I had a long reported, non issue "medical condition" and after I missed placed my Class Three certificate (Class3 SEL) and requested a replacement they immediately flagged me as not eligible for a medical certificate even though they had been approving me for many years. Their letter also informed me if I questioned them they would use it against me! After jumping through the hoops, with help from AOPA Legal folks and a letter from the MD Specialist saying it was a none issue. The FAA med folks would only give me a one year special issuance and wanted me to go back to the specialist again even after he had informed them there was no concern. I now do basic med but can no longer fly to out side of the US.