New Part 107 recurrent course
Does anyone know when the new Part 107 recurrent course will be available? I just took the one that I thought was it and was linked by some drone sites, but it had practically nothing on night flying other than saying that you can't do it, so it is obviously not in sync with the new regs that just went into effect. I'm trying to take the course so I can prove currency with the new regs so I can fly at night.

(I still have more than a year left on my currency at this point, but I want to be able to fly at night so I need the new course to "prove" I know how to do it.)
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The updated online training course should be available on April 6th. The FAA made this announcement a week ago (link), but this is the only place I've seen this date. You'll want to remember that even though the training is available on 04/06/2021, the final rules don't go into effect until 04/21/2021, so you can't fly under them until that date.

Thank you! I found so many different sites with different information... thanks for sorting that out for me.
Hi Glyn,

Here's an update to what's going on:

Current Part 61 pilots (recurrent course)

Non-Part 61 pilots (including those pilots without current flight reviews) (recurrent course)

Initial applicants that are current Part 61 pilots would still take this course:

And non-current pilots and non-pilots will still need to go to the FAA testing centers for initial certification and take the UAG (Unmanned Aircraft General) test.

The UAR (Unmanned Aircraft Recurrent) test is no longer being offered at testing centers as this recurrency is handled via the WINGs course above.
Here's a link to the official FAA announcement on the topic;