Airmen Online Services
I've had several contacts this week that were answered by sending the members to the FAA's Airmen Online Services website. Here's what you can do there:
  • Change your Address
  • Order a Replacement Certificate
  • Remove SSN as Certificate Number
  • Request Temporary Authority to Exercise Certificate Privileges
  • Request Verification of Certificate Privileges
  • Change of mailing address
  • Change your Address Releasability
This website allows you to a bunch of things that in years past would have taken a month or more to accomplish working with paper forms. We mostly send members there when they're trying to update their address with the FAA to say compliant with FAR 61.60 and when they've lost there certificates and need replacements. Its also very popular with CFIs that are renewing their certificate and can't locate their current Instructor's certificate, so they request a verification of certificate privileges to submit in its place.

This website has been out for years and it's surprising how many pilots still don't know about this great resource.