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BFR and landing currency
My BFR (FR) has expired and I am not current with respective to landings.   My understanding is that I cannot get current with respective to landings because I cannot act as PIC.   I need a CFI in order to do this.

Do I have this right?
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Ron is correct. There are no provisions in the regulations to fly solo to "practice" for a flight review if your flight review has expired. In this case, the only way to get completely legal is to hire an instructor for a flight review.

Personally, I would recommend advising the instructor that you are not takeoff and landing current so that the instructor can incorporate three takeoffs and landings into the flight review. Assuming a satisfactory completion, you will walk away with both a current flight review endorsement and 90-day currency for carrying passengers.
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You certainly need someone in the other control seat to act as PIC while you log the time and landings.  The best option is a CFI who can accurately evaluate your performance, determine if/when intervention is necessary, and then intervene effectively from the right seat.  While any pilot legal to act as PIC with a passenger could also legally ride shotgun with you, they might not be able to do all those things a CFI is trained and certified to be able to do.  Choose wisely.