BFR and PIC requirements
A two part question.  If a CFII has renewed his flight instructor certificate when his BFR has expired, does he have to complete the flight requirements of a BFR in order to for his BFR to be considered renewed?    

Then, regardless of the above if the CFII is giving a BFR to another pilot whose BFR has expired, the CFII would be considered PIC and has to be current with respect to a BFR and, at the very least, with respect to landings.    Is this correct?
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1. Yes.  The renewal fills the ground portion square, but the flight portion must still be accomplished..

2. Yes, and no.  If the reviewee isn't flight review current, the CFI would have to be the PIC and thus would have to be flight review current   However, per a Chief Counsel interpretation a few years back, the CFI would not have to be passenger current because a trainee and an instructor giving the training are not considered to passengers with respect to each other.