King Air Recurrent Training

Hello, I was asked by a pilot and couldn't find a suitable answer within the regulations.

A King Air 350 Turboprop aircraft, which MGTOW is 15,000 Lbs, requires a Type Rating. We understand that according to § 61.31 a large aircraft requires a type rating. Large aircraft means aircraft of more than 12,500 pounds, maximum certificated takeoff weight. After you get a type rating, you need to complete a proficiency check every 12 months in order to exercise PIC privileges. This is defined in § 61.58 but only specifies the requirement for aircraft requiring more than one pilot or it is turbojet powered. The King Air 350 does not fall in neither of these categories.

What would be the regulation that requires a proficiency check (recurrent training) every 12 months for a turboprop weighting more than 12,500 Lbs?

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To my knowledge, there is no such regulation.  However, I believe the insurer of such an aircraft will generally require annual recurrent training.
Under what part of the regulations is the aircraft operated?
My question for this case is operating under Part 91. I know that for Part 121 and Part 135 is required for any aircraft.