Ground Instructor application

In short, after I passed all knowledge exams, what should I do to complete and get my AGI and IGI certificate?
Now the story begins,
I applied for AGI+IGI certificate in IACRA to a point that it shows partially completed (need a RI or CO for further process that I hadn't reached one.) Then I scheduled FOI, AGI, IGI exam with PSI, passed all 3 exam. Then I try to make an appointment with local FSDO to proceed my application. Due to COVID, local FSDO do not accept any appointments to the office anymore. Helpdesk directed me to find a DPE, but I don't know which DPE I should search for since there's no DPE specifically for ground instructor. I replied the mail with same question, but no answer yet. I wonder if that means every DPE can process my application or not? (i.e. DPE for glider, powerlift, airplane, hot balloon, etc. all can help me to process this?) Another question, can I turn to my CFI/GI for help processing this application?
I might have to travel oversea in 3 months, so I'm trying to get this working earlier to receive it before I go.

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Call the FSDO and ask to speak with the Designee Management specialist. That person can hook you up with an examiner who can do the job.