Private Pilot Night and or Instrument requirements

Can a full motion Red Bird simulator be used to meet the requirements - 3 hours of night and/or 3 hours of instrument instruction. 

Part 61 states requirements are to be accomplished in an airplane, but is there an exception (other than 2.5 hours) listed elsewhere for the use of a full motion simulator?

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It depends on the approved activities listed in the device's FAA Letter of Approval (LoA).  For example, the Redbird TD/TD2 LoA does not allow it to be used for the night or instrument requirement, just the toward the 40 total.   BTW, flight simulation devices (FSD) for this purpose need not be full motion – this regulation allows both full flight simulators (FFS) and flight training devices (FTD) to be used, but for the specifics, it's what's in the LoA for that particular device that counts.