Pilot Records Database (PRD) Webinars

The FAA is going to be holding webinars on the PRD starting this Thursday, May 5th. It's to inform operators and stakeholders affected by the 14 CFR part 111 rule and answer questions on the topic. 

Here's what the part 111 rule does:

“This final rule modernizes pilot record-sharing as it occurs currently under PRIA. The PRD will serve as a repository for pilot records and will contain records from a pilot's current and former employers, as well as the FAA. The FAA envisions that the PRD not only will be an indicator of pilots' abilities or deficiencies, but also that it will prompt conversations between applicants and hiring employers. PRD is intended to help ensure that no records about a pilot's performance with previous employers that could influence a future employer's decision go unidentified.”

Access to the PRD is limited to Pilots that hold a Commercial, ATP, or Remote Pilot certificate and also hold a valid FAA medical. Access is also available to Air Carriers, Operators, and Proxies. 

There are going to be 5 of these webinars on differing topics. Here's the schedule: