Foreign LSA License conversion
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Hello all! 

I am a US resident that is about to get my LSA flying license while I am in the United Arab Emirates (UAE, Dubai), on the Aeroprakt A22LS & Aeroprakt A32LS aircrafts. 

I would like to rent and fly LSA aircrafts when I am back in the US but wondering if my LSA license from UAE will be ok to be used in the US, or if there is a requirement to convert it. If there is a must-to-do conversation process, then do you know the details, costs, and duration associated?


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@Sam AA
There is no provision in the FAA regulations for the recognition of a foreign pilot certificate at less than the Private level to fly a US registered aircraft in the USA.  You would have to go through the complete process to earn a US FAA Sport Pilot certificate including flight training, knowledge test, and practical test.  

The only good news is that the FAA will allow you count to count the hours you have in your logbook (including flight training in the UAE from a UAE-licensed instructor) towards the aeronautical experience requirements for that FAA Sport Pilot certificate.  For an idea of costs for this process, you would have to contact a flight school that conducts Sport Pilot training.  Also, since you are not a US citizen, you would have to go through the vetting process of the Flight Training Security Program – see here for details on the FTSP.