Kit-built airplane certification in WA. Looking for recommendations

Hi all. Looking for help\advices for the following situation:

-I want to import new but disassembled airplane (after 50 hours of flight tests) as a kit.

  • the airplane is composite and the body and wing are pretty much single parts
  • Rotax engine
  • all mechanical parts could be as separate parts for further assembly on US soil
  • avionics to be purchased in US

the logistics and production are pretty much clear but certification is a big question.

I was thinking about Experimental - research and development, showing compliance with regulations, crew training, market surveys, and kit-built certifications and operations type of certification and instructions looks pretty clear but I'm sure there are so many nuances there and would ask for advice of a person able to lead me through the process of Experimental certification and further to Normal\Utility class certification after.

I'm based in WA, Seattle area, and if there are some advices\recommendation very much appreciate them.



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@Dmytro Vilchynskyi
The certifications you list might cover the plane for flight testing to gain certification in the S-LSA or a production category, but those certifications are limited to 6 months with very strict limits in where and when you can fly it, after which it must attain the intended certification.  What you probably want to pursue is certification in the Experimental-Amateur Built category.  For that, I suggest becoming a member of the Experimental Aircraft Association and working with your local chapter.  In Seattle, that's EAA Chapter 26, contact information for which you  can find on the EAA website linked above.

@Ronald Levy Thank you very much. I'll do so. Appreciate your guidance.