Certificate processing time
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I passed my part 107 about two months ago. The Temporary Airman Certificate is pretty much everything I have to show for it.
Are you aware of standard processing time for the actual card to show up?
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AOPA Staff Answer
Hi JC,

Assuming everything was processed and submitted around the end of January/ beginning of February, you should definitely have your new certificate in hand. The temporary you have is good for 120 days so you're covered, but I understand wanting to have that certificate in hand.

To answer your question though, there really isn't a "standard" processing time for the FAA, it really depends on how far they are backed up. You can check the date that they're currently processing here, It's under "News and Highlights". It's showing they're 5-6 weeks behind now. Add another week or two (or more now) for the printing office to send it out to you, and you could easily be waiting 2 and a half months for your new certificate.

I understand that this is probably a moot point for you now, but maybe this answer can help someone with the same question.