Question about Drone-Clone Pro Xtreme
Answered By AOPA
I'm having trouble figuring out the right settings to take videos and photos with my Pro Xtreme (Upgraded Ed.) from Drone-Clone Xperts. It says I need to connect a special WiFi, but it won't connect. Do I need a hotspot for this WiFi issue? Do any of you know how to figure this out? Thanks.
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AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Robert,

I've never used anything from the Drone-Clone Xperts, but most of the quadcopters have the same principles when it comes to camera connections. You usually are required to connect to the WiFi network for the drones camera, this will not require a hotspot as you're only using this as a data connection to the camera, not to connect to the internet. Some drone WiFi networks will have a generic password (like 1234), you should check your owner's manual. I looked around the manufacturers website and found this video, it may help. They also have a page with various other videos too, located here

The only other advice I have would to be to reach out to the manufacturer for advice. Here's their email; . Hope this helps.