Help finding what FAA-S-ACS-10B refers to ..?

I'm happy to read/study on my own, (don't want to bother), but I'm hoping someone can help me make sense of the "system" used in FAA-S-ACS-10B. For example, Page 2, UA.I.A.K6,   I've not been able to find what I need to know about “multiple category sUAS”. I see the references at the top of the page; no clue which reference has something to say about that. I've downloaded the electronic copy of said references, and used “Ctrl-F” search,(aka ‘electronic search’).  *nothing*.

*That's not the only one, so I'm just hoping to determine how to find stuff in those, so I can then do it on my own…

any help is appreciated, regards,

-Cam K.

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I'm not a UAS guy, but looking at Part 107 and AC 107-2a, I see plenty of information on the various categories of sUAS operation (Categories 1-4).  Have you read those documents completely through?  You might start your studies with the FAA web page on UAS, which has all sorts of links to more information.


As Ronald said, AC 107-2a section 8.2 explains the UAS categories. The multiple categories apply to different levels of danger when the UAS is flown over people.


Thank you. …found it.