IFR below 10,000 ft
It has become apparent to me that ADS-B out is not a necessity for all of us.  I was wondering if it might be possible to start a polite discussion among a group of pilots that have been actively traveling on IFR trips without it.  I have been using the ADAPT portal on the FAA website only when necessary for a destination, and I have been impressed.  It takes some getting used to, but for occasional use, it is wonderful.  One of the things I have noticed is that for flight planning, it is not 'yellow-lighting' the overflight of class C airspace.  I think this is probably an oversight on the part of the developer, as this overflight DOES require ADS-B out. Avoiding this overflight on a long trip typically adds maybe a minute to the flight.  I have become better at finding and using ALL the intersections on the IFR charts using Foreflight, including using high chart intersections, as the ARTCC controllers are sometimes more familiar with them.  In Tracon airspace, finding and using approach chart intersections (that aren't on the Lo charts) has been useful also.