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I fly an Icon A5 in the Miami area. I would like to fly around the ADIZ limits and beyond at low altitudes to help some fishing friends spot for fish. I am taking off and returning to an American airport without ever touching down internationally. What would be the proper procedures to not ruffle any feathers?  I can see how this type of flying can be frowned upon in the Miami area!  Technically to fly international and to return you file a flight plan and alert where and when you will cross but technically I am not sure that is relevant?  Any help would be appreciated. 
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I recommend reviewing the AIM 5-6-4 for a complete description of flight requirements. Click on this link to get a PDF copy:
Basically, you'll need a transponder, maintain two way radio communications with appropriate ATC facility, file a DVFR flight plan. ADIZ flight plan requirements are listed in FAR 99.11 )
I suggest establishing flight following after you depart. There are other particulars identified in the AIM 5-6-1. Also, ADS-B out is required in Class E airspace at and above 3,000 feet MSL over the Gulf of Mexico from the coastline of the United States out to 12 nautical miles. 
Thank you for your very useful information Prometheus.  It has been very helpful.  I may be asking for something that might simply not be allowed for our ADIZ borders since filing a flight plan establishing a predetermined route will not be possible when I am flying around a general area looking for fish.  Foreflight lets you file a DVFR flight plan and I guess I could simply have my aircraft fly circles in a general vicinity of where I will plan to fly and file as such.  I can comply with all the other ADS-B, reporting and communication but when ever you have a squawk code, they like to keep you nice and high and straight and as soon as you deviate or drop down, they terminate your squawk.  I will try to call an FSS and speak with someone there as well.  
You can enter same airport for departure and destination then in remarks section state your intentions and identify your location/time of flying relative to ADIZ as best you can. You could do this by referencing radial and distance from VKZ for instance and how long you intend to be there. For example "Flying in vicinity of VKZ 090-120 at 20NM 1300Z-1400Z" I have flown from Naples out to Tortugas direct returning to Naples in same manner for photo flights. As long as you remain in communication with ATC and let them know where/what time you are relative to ADIZ you should be ok. If ATC has an issue they will let you know.
You might also call Miami Center to ask them if and how they can handle this.  305-716-1731.
Thank very much for the information. It has been extremely helpful. Let me know where I can send you guys some fish if we get lucky! Take care. 
Henrique Cisneros:
Let me know where I can send you guys some fish if we get lucky!

Sending fish to the Eastern Shore of Maryland?  Sounds like sending coals to Newcastle. 😄