Small plane landing at normally busy airport during Covid 19 slowdown.
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I heard a radio story recently about small airplanes being welcome at the normally very busy CLT (Charlotte) airport recently due to extreme reduction in scheduled air carrier operations. That gave me an idea.
Yesterday, inflight, I contacted SAN (San Diego Lindbergh) tower requesting a landing and taxi-back for takeoff. I used to be "based" there with my corporate pilot job and my former airline, but hadn't landed there in my Light Sport plane. There was VERY little traffic at SAN at the time and it seemed like a perfect opportunity for a fun landing there.
The FAA control tower politely advised me that due to "local requirements", they would be unable to accomodate a landing and taxi-back. However, if I wanted to land, taxi to the FBO, pay $40 ramp fee to the FBO, then taxi-back for take-off, they could approve that. They specifically told me that if that was within my "budget", they could approve my landing, and departure.
Can they really do that? Can the FAA really require me to stop at the FBO and pay a ramp fee before departure. It's a public airport and there is no "landing fee" at SAN for non-commercial flights.
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The FAA can't but airport management can.  You should address your concern to: