SFRA- Leesburg, VA
Planning a trip to Leesburg, KJYO-VFR.  Rules state contact CTAF for Leesburg.  Pattern Altitude is 1400'.  Class B shelf is at 1500'.
Should I request Bravo clearance for transition of airspace into KJYO with airspace so close?
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I fly out of Leesburg as my home airport.  As previous reply said, take the DC SFRA online training from the FAA - it is required.

Then on a practical note, I almost always fly IFR (even in VMC) and let the controllers worry about whether I need a Bravo clearance or not - depends on where I'm coming from.  For someone new to the airspace, if they are IFR-rated and current, I'd recommend letting Potomac Approach and Leesburg Tower (if it is open) take care of that for you.
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If you're using the Leesburg Maneuvering Area entry, you do not get a Bravo clearance because you will not be going through the Bravo space.  All LMA entries must be made from the West through North below the 1500-foot shelf  If you're receiving radar service before reaching the area, your radar service will be terminated before you enter the LMA.  Arrivals which transit the Bravo space other than the LMA sector do not qualify for the LMA procedure, and are handled as normal SFRA operations with a DC SFRA flight plan and discrete 4-digit transponder code assigned by Potomac.

If you have not done so already, make sure you complete the FAA's DC SFRA on-line course at
This course discusses the various options you have and how to execute each.  It's also mandatory for anyone operating VFR inside 60-miles of the SFRA, which is depicted on the sectional chart.

And make very sure you stay below the base of the B-space while in the LMA, including in the JYO traffic pattern.  Dulles arrivals and departures are going overhead very close to the top of the LMA   Also, make sure you study and understand the NOTAM regarding the part-time control tower at JYO, which is what you use instead of the CTAF when it's open.  Finally, remember that JYO Tower may assign a different transponder code than the normal LMA entry/exit code.