Transponder use in an ADS-B world
AOPA's Pilot Information Center regularly receives questions about transponder use, post January 2, 2020 ads-b mandate, such as:

1. Now that ads-b is in play, are transponders still required?
2. Can I just leave my transponder off as they are no longer required?
3. Can one have the transponder on 1200 in controlled airspace, without ADS-B? Or just leave it off?

I wanted to be sure it was clear in that NOTHING has changed regarding FAR 91.215 and transponder use. Transponders are required the same today as they were the day before the ADS-B mandate and the decade before that. Nothing has changed. Transponder on use is still required in all controlled airspace and not required in uncontrolled airspace. Non-electrical equipped aircraft are still exempt and ATC deviations can still be requested and approved.

If you need any additional guidance or just want to discuss further, the PIC always stands ready to assist. 800-872-2672.