Flight following without transponder
Can you get flight following without a transponder? I have a Piper Cub Special without an electrical system and rely on a handheld radio to fly into and out of the Class D airport. I noticed one day that the tower asked me to confirm I had no transponder, and awhile later the tower was telling someone leaving the class Delta to the northwest to be aware of an aircraft to the northwest in the practice area, as they did not have a transponder and were not visible to the tower.
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Yes, you can, but it's dependent on controller workload as it's harder for them to tag you up and keep track of you without a transponder.  The procedure for this is for you to tell them where you are, and they will find a primary return where you said you are that appears to be you.  They'll then tell you to make a turn, typically 30 degrees heading change to the left or right (they'll specify which) and see if the blip they think is you makes that heading change.  Once that's confirmed, they will say "radar contact" and provide service.

That said, most Class D towers don't have adequate radar capability to provide flight following.  They'll have you switch to the Approach or Center controlling the airspace outside/above the D-space and you'll get your radar service from that other facility.
You can request and it may be possible for ATC to offer FF services provided they have good primary radar capability and workload permits them. When contacting inform them you are negative transponder and be prepared to provide good position information including present altitude. They may request you to perform a few maneuvers for positive identification. If accomplished successfully they will be able to label you on the radar screen and provide FF services. Here is a good YouTube video for review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUCz-oxt6Nk
Of course make sure you are legal to fly in the airspace you are in without a transponder. Most ATC facilities, but not all, with good primary radar are within a Mode C veil where you need a transponder unless you are exempt (ie: an aircraft not originally certified with an engine driven electrical system or which has not subsequently been certified with such a system installed. Reference 91.215 for further details).