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family member recently moved to Manhattan, near Empire State Building . Hoping to fly my Cessna  Turbo 210 IFR from Texas to KLOU to Airport conducive to visiting Manhattan. Open to renting car or using mass transit from airport. I'd stay a few days. I see KTEB, KCDW, KLDJ, and others. If best, I don't mind landing a little farther out & driving in . I've plenty of experience with Class B in Dallas & Houston, but I've never flown in the Northeast. Any advice re what airports in area would be good to fly into would be appreciated. Thanks

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KLDJ is the closest and most convenient. They have car rentals and you can easily take a cab to a mass transit station nearby that goes into Manhattan


Just saw your post, have you made your trip yet?  I'd stay away from TEB if possible, there are better GA options.

On the west side LDJ is a good choice and you can get an Uber to the train station.  CDW and MMU are also options, but I've only flown or driven there, but would also assume mass transit would be easy to connect with.

On the east side I'd suggest FRG.  This might be the better option if your family member is living in Brooklyn or Queens, but also easy access to Manhattan.  FBO or Uber can get you to the Long Island Railroad ("LIRR") and then simply make sure you get on a train that takes you where you need to go OR confirm with the Conductor if you need to change at the Jamaica Station. 

You really DO NOT want a car.  Cost for parking in a garage might be as much as the daily car rental (pending where you are) and street parking and dealing with alternate-side-parking is a not worth it.  And you've got the same issue every time you go someplace.  Rent one for the day if you're going sightseeing out of the city.

And DO brush up on the Hudson Corridor and make sure you take that flight.  If you're feeling confident at sunset, request the East River with ATC and as you go up the east side you'll have the sun behind the buildings.  

Have a great trip!

Thanks for the feedback! 


@Richard Stanley I often ride to work in the office Mabbly in New York and KLDJ is a cool choice!


@Jerry Schwarzbach Since the Marathon is in November, you might want to consider that Linden (KLDJ) only has one instrument approach and its NA at night. KCDW, KMMU and KFRG all have multiple approaches (and all are towered) so you're good to go for night approaches if necessary. 


@Nick Anzano   I had forgotten about the night approach being NA at LDJ.

Still a toss up then with CDW, MMU & FRG.  Been years since I've ridden the trains & buses.  But I used to go to TEB, CDW & MMU a lot before I started going to FRG when I was still renting.  I seem to remember the ride to FRG being a lot easier.  Especially now with Ride Share Apps so you don't have to find a  taxi or old fashion shared taxi I had to use a lot back in the day. 

My gut says to recommend FRG as the easiest for @Jerry Schwarzbach