VFR into IMC: Avoidance and Escape

Our Air Safety Institute has just launched this new campaign that will run through the end of this year - 

Take a look and learn how to keep yourself out of a trap that has an extremely high 86 percent fatality rate. As the title notes, learn how to avoid and escape general aviation's most fatal weather-related accident category.

And, if you have a personal story to share and are willing to tell others, please do so that a fellow aviator may learn from it. I do believe this will turn out to be a very good program.

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BTW, a big chunk of these VFR-into-IMC accidents (about 28% when I studied the issue a while back) involve instrument-rated pilots who didn't quite know when to say when.  Just being instrument-rated isn't enough – you still have to make good decisions about continuing under VFR as you can back yourself into a corner out of which your rating alone will not get you.