Tipping the Windmill: 7-day VFR Weather Planning

I am working on a presentation to convince the FAA NWS to embrace 7-Day VFR weather planning.

I want the AWC to use existing NWS Graphical Weather data already available and apply that data to the AWC Graphical Forecast tool for Aviation platform to extend the time frame out to 7 days.  I think this would be of great value to VFR pilots and I think this is long overdue.  I have been using a system that works since before 2013 when I wrote an article about this in Air Facts Journal.  I thought by now the FAA NWS would have applied this technique to their existing weather tools, but that is not the case.  So, since it has been 10 years, I thought I would ask them to do for us. 

To this end I am collecting data in the form of computer screenshots, saved as JPEG photo files, and named in a format allowing windows explorer to search the photos by time, day, date or type of data captured.  These photos will be used as the basis of a PowerPoint presentation and will also be analyzed to determine VFR and non-VFR days 7-10 days in advance. 

I have been applying the analyzed data into a simple yes/no spreadsheet. The idea is to show the validity of 7-day VFR weather planning over several weeks.  Take a look at the attached photos of screen shots to get an idea of what the system is all about.  

This takes me a fair amount of time, and pretty soon I will be busy with work and may not be able to do it every day.  Would any of you on POA be able to help me with this?  I need about 20-30 days of data, about 35-50 photos every day, depending on how bad or good the forecast weather is. 

Please PM me if you are interested in helping with this project. petehdgs@yahoo.com

Thank you for your time to read this post. 

7-day VFR cross country weather planning : Air Facts Journal

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@William Hodges
The National Weather Service is part of the Department of Commerce,  not the FAA or even the Department of Transportation which houses the FAA.  And this isn't “POA”, which is another website.

That said, my 50+ years of flying tells me aviation weather forecasting is a long way from being reliable enough to predict the existence or lack of VFR conditions that far ahead.  Can you share the data which you say validates your system, including its reliability and accuracy?  Has your methodology been peer-reviewed?