How do I grow my flying club?
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How do I grow my flying club?
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A healthy flying club is always looking for new members and opportunities to grow, whether by adding more members or more aircraft. Click here for more information on expanding your fleet:
Click here for more information on finding new members:
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I joined a club with 8 members and only 6 who flew.  It was hard to join the club for a variety of reasons.  Mostly, the website did not allow you to request information and did not have an email to ask for information.  After I joined and we lost a few more members, I decided to fix the request info page.  That got the ball rolling.  Then we updated our web page and our FB pages.  2 years later we are approaching 30 members and we have 2 planes now.  The original Warrior and a 68 Cherokee 235.  I can see the club adding another plane in another year or so.

Biggest thing to turn it around was letting people know we exist and making it easy for people to request information.

Having been through the club growth, the purchase of a second plane and managing the maintenance of 2 planes, when I move somewhere else I'll have a pretty good idea of how to keep a club going or how to start one.

Short answer, but suffice it to say I have learned a lot.