When a Club Outgrows its Leadership
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Our flying club has experienced unprecedented growth in the last 2 years going from 6 active pilots and 9 members to 28 members who are mostly active and 2 airplanes.  However, the leadership is stuck in the past operating as a good old boy network not communicating with the members.  They communicate amongst  themselves and rarely communicate with the rest of the club.  The selection process for getting in the club is unknown to the rest of the club and we really don't have much social interaction or regular meetings other than an annual meeting.  There is a lot of complaining, even among the board, about issues and how they are being handled and the people who volunteer a lot of time to keep the planes airworthy are taken for granted.

I feel like with the rapid growth we've managed to get a few bad apples in the club who are causing issues with the planes.  Some people are good at reporting issues, while others are not.  I think the club needs a culture change from these airplanes are cheap to a culture of community and safely.  Just not sure how to go about it.  Frankly, I am ready to can the club and buy my own plane it's just so damn frustrating.
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Hi Michael - sorry to hear that you are having some issues with your flying club.  I'd be pleased to chat about some ideas for resolving the issues.
Steve Bateman - Director AOPA Flying Clubs Initiative. 301 695 2356
After giving it a lot of thought I have backed away from being the maintenance officer and my current plan is to leave the club by the end of March (if not sooner)  The added benefit is the 60+ hours a month I will regain will go a long way to my completing a Commercial and CFI rating in the next 6 months.  I was going to leave the club anyway, might as well make the change now.