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Hi all, a local radio station reached out to our club offering to promote the club on the air in exchange for some discovery flights. Sounds like a pretty good deal but I wondered if we need to be aware of any particular FAA regulations and protocols to be able to do this. We're a typical non-profit club with about 25 members. Only dues paying members can fly the aircraft and we haven't had much inquiry in the past for discovery flights. Usually new members will meet with instructors and check out the plane but since I've been with the club none have ever done a typical "discovery" flight. Any thoughts on the rules and regs for this?

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For starters, Discovery Flights are exempt from the TSA's flight school regulations.  From their web site:
Demonstration flights for marketing purposes and familiarization flights (also called "intro" or "discovery" flights) also are exempted from the requirements of this regulation.

Another question is whether your club's insurance allows for provision of such flights to non-members.  You might want to review your policy or speak with your insurer about that.

As for FAA regulations, as long as it is conducted as a Discovery Flight, I see no problem with it.  In order to be such a flight, it must be conducted by a CFI who holds Commercial/ATP and CFI certificates, and the trainee is provided with a logbook documenting the training IAW 61.51 and 61.189(a).  See this legal interpretation for details.
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Thank you very much! My next call was going to be the insurance company already. I appreciate the input!