Bookkeeping for Clubs
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Any small (5<) members using accounting software for non-profit entities to track expenses and save money from dues and hourly flight charges for Annual inspections, insurance, hangar rent, engine/prop overhauls, upgrades, contingencies?
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AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Bruce: Steve Bateman here - AOPA Flying Clubs Director.  In my club, we use custom spreadsheets to track things, but we are considering other options. I know some clubs use scheduling tools that interface into other tools, such as Quickbooks.  This is one of our projects for this year - to better understand the tools and flows for club finances.  Feel free to call for a chat: 301 695 2356

Thanks for the reply.  I was using Excel in the LLC in which I first served as managing member and treasurer.  Once we got rolling, it worked well.  I'm now in a new LLC and have had a lot of problems with the start up expense accounts.  I'm in a free trial of Aplos software, which is for non-profits.  One of the problems I've had is that I'm neither a bookkeeper nor an accountant.  I have experience in engineering and applied math, and accountancy uses math in very contrary ways.  I'll try to call you on Monday.