Flying Club - AOPA/EAA?
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Can a flying club be affiliated with both the AOPA and EAA (perhaps for simplicity)? Do those respective clubs differ too much for joint affiliations?
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AOPA Staff Answer
Hi David,

I agree with Gary, AOPA and EAA work together to help GA. It wouldn't matter to AOPA what groups you were affiliated with, we would try an help your flying club.

I'm not sure what EAA has to offer, but if you are looking to form a club, or are already a member of one, AOPA has a good deal of resources to help. AOPA even has a Flying Club Network that clubs can join, giving them access to resources and allows them to be listed on our Flying Club Finder too. 
Not sure why not.

I am a pilot that is both EAA and AOPA member.  I am not associated with any club.

Both organization complement each other and try hard to get more people to fly.

IF you are trying to start a club, look at what both organizations have to offer.  One may be better for you and your group.