Loss of Flight Planner and "evolving technology"
Since I am a user of the desktop flight planner, I am disappointed with the decommissioning. My first thought was "why not just get another map engine". I like the AOPA desktop planner because it is the only one I have used that gives you the wind optimization table like that - though sometimes the results were a little odd with respect to TAS and total fuel as you climb.

But to me, a more serious problem is this issue of the "evolving technology" that made the desktop planner obsolete. Translated, what that REALLY means is that, "everyone just uses ForeFlight now". That's all well and good - I don't HAVE to have a desktop version. However, I am not an Apple fan (gasp!!), I don't use ipads, and I don't use ForeFlight. So, where is my non-Apple alternative? I have tried several, and in particular I have AOPA-Go on my phone. The problems is that it sucks. All the non-Floreflight portable flight planning Aps that I have tried suck. AOPA-Go in particular is clunky, cumbersome, slow, and riddled with bugs and weirdness.

The way to replace the desktop planner is just to give us an Android package as good and full featured as ForeFlight - or at least give us all the functions of the desktop planner in a good, fast, usable Ap. Because that's what ForeFlight is.
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Glad to see a great tool replacement be iflightplanner, but my biggest issue with the old remains with this tool. No way to add fuel on route! Good to know I’ll run out and where but would be nice to have the tool add a fuel stop for my extended cross country flight.
please add this feature in future update.
We are happy to announce iFlightPlanner for AOPA, available on Wednesday, April 22. AOPA members can access the new planner through https://www.aopa.org/travel/aopa-flight-planner.

To read the full story on the launch of the new iFlightPlanner, please click here.
   Golly, you were a cute kid!  I do think AOPA has lost its way.  There were clues well before the FP decommissioning, however.  The airport directory disappeared.  They deferred to the airline pilots' whims on the basic medical details.  Their legal services sent me to string of criminal defense attorneys when I was looking for a hangar lease.  And through it all, membership dues doubled.  I guess it costs a bunch to live in DC.
   FlyQ is indeed another non-PC option.  And yes, the "Jeppesen map engine" was not originally designed for PC, and even they admit it suffered in translation.  AOPA FP was never designed to be and EFB, so no one had that level of expectation of it.  It did, however, fill a critical need for all members; Flight PLANNING!   If there are so many free flight planning options available for desktop, why are we still waiting for AOPA's announcement? 
   Not every flight that gets planned, ever gets flown.  Not every plan that gets flown, goes entirely as planned. But we all have one critical responsibility to our privilege of wings, and that to do the planning.  FP is more than a member perk, it is the key to everything we do before we turn the key.  We are required by regulations to have collected all the information necessary to safely complete the mission at hand, and FP provided us with a common resource for doing exactly that....on the most widely installed desktop platform.  
Sounds like you need  a Seattle avionics membership with flyq
flight plan on laptop and it moves it automatically to your iPad when you’re in the plane.

AOPA never had anything for a iOS or Android. AOPA gave us a flight planner as a perk. Personally, I thought the current Jeppersen was lacking, prone to crash, and way overdue to be retired. There are so many free options for desktops if flight planning is all  you want but if I can’t use that information in the plane it doesn’t do much for me..
I have a lot of online planning and correspondence I have to do for many of my flights that can not be done easily on a tablet, so I always have to have my laptop with me when I fly - or prepare for a flight. My tablet doesn't come out until I'm in the airplane, if even then for many of my flights, so now my laptop becomes dead weight for my flight planning and I have to use both. The laptop is a real savior in the cold when my gloves don't work on the tablet, but the keyboard does.