Loss of Flight Planner
This is truly a loss to this community. I use it on a daily basis and this service needs to continue. Like Eric said, I will not cancel my membership, but I will not be quiet about this either!
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The new iFlightPlanner looks good to me so far. Some learning curve like anything new, is to be expected. I was able to link to wxbrief no problems there. I need to get more familiar with ICAO standards. I need play with it more before I talk about it more. The youtube tutorial is very helpful as well as the help doc. Thanks for making this happen so soon.
Ian Shere:
Sorry - instant fail. Even though I have had 1800WXBRIEF.com connected for years, and I just went and resaved the authorization, I can make a flight plan. I get the error:

You have not authorized iFlightPlanner to access your flight service user account. Please visit 1800WxBrief.com and enable iFlightPlanner under Account > Service Provider Authorization.

A call to AOPA sorted this out. For some reason, when instituting the new flight planner (now called iFlightPlanner) Leidos or AOPA has made a separate authorization in Leidos. Don't stop at AOPA Flight Planner (near the top) like I did. Scroll right to one of the last entries - iFlightPlanner.  You must authorize that too.

It seems flightplanning within Canada ,which was possible in the former aopa flightplanner, is difficult if not possible to do (ontario/Quebec).
Thanks for the speedy reply.  I will look at those resources tonight and play around in the app. Glad to know you are there to help us!
Hello William,
There is a User Guide on the Help page within iFlightPlanner here: https://iflightplanner.aopa.org/My/Help/
There are also feature demo videos published in a playlist on our YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQCVVyDKYo3KCozuA1aAqbN43sMtuU-az

To rubber band the route line, start by left clicking directly on the route line where you want to move it. This will insert a blue “LL” icon (LAT/LON) into the route. Once that point has been inserted into the route, you can drag the blue icon to any new point on the map. A pop-up window will appear when you drop it and provide a list of nearby waypoints to choose from or, you can just leave it as a LAT/LON point. You can also drag any existing blue waypoint icon to another location by dragging the icon itself to the desire spot.

Let us know if you have other questions and we’ll be happy to assist.
Thanks for the replacement. Can't wait to see the tutorials as I don't find this version intuitive.  I can't get the featured feature of  drag and drop to work for a start. Looks like a nice learning curve - one benefit of "shelter in place" - I've got some time to figger it out.